Growing Wealth Predictably and Keeping More Of It

Clients of Personal Command Capital, Inc. will experience in most cases* four things:

I.  Consistency

Every statement in every period, better than the last one.

II.  Predictability

  • No surprises
  • No disappointments, and
  • No excuses.

III.  Steady progression in the Right Direction

Clients of Personal Command Capital, Inc., when following the disciplines we teach, enjoy seeing their accounts make unceasing movement toward well-defined goals.

IV.  Freedom

  • From stock and bond market forces outside their control.
  • From performance claims and institutions they no longer feel they can trust.
  • From many charges they formerly paid to lenders and to the Tax Man.

Bottom line results

  • More cash to use now
  • More assets to pass on later
  • Fewer taxes
  • More wealth every month



*All statements herein are dependent upon the financial strength of the companies involved and the client’s compliance with the terms and conditions of his/her particular contract.
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