Our Crew

Jim Hinners, Personal Command CapitalJim Hinners, President of Personal Command Capital

A member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), a professional association dedicated to assuring that its members serve the public with the highest standards of professional ethics.

 A Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisor:  One of only 200 individuals in the U.S. who has successfully completed the rigorous training and continuing education required for this professional qualification, Jim works with individuals, professionals and business owners to safely build wealth, protect themselves from financing costs, reduce taxes and protect their families.

Experienced Investment and Financial Professional: Jim has served business owners, professionals, and individuals in finance and investments for 22 years, specializing in retirement portfolio management for hundreds of clients as vice president of a national investment firm, an investment banker, an international banker and co-owner of a successful finance consulting firm in the Midwest.

Personal: Jim is a whitewater kayaker, an avid reader and an active member of his church. He and his wife Judy raised their three children in Wheaton, Illinois, where their favorite pastimes as a family included participating in musical groups and helping to meet the needs of displaced families.

Peter Garcia

An experienced Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisor, Peter brings his experience and insights to Personal Command Capital clients through conference calls and virtual office presentations. He has 15 years experience in international wealth management for individuals with a nationally-recognized investment firm and with his own firm.