Bank on Yourself®

Bank on Yourself® is a time-proven, reliable financial management tool for building – and conserving – personal wealth. It uses a very specialized form of dividend-paying whole life insurance that is modified for very rapid acceleration of the growth of the savings portion (cash value).

The Bank on Yourself® process is featured here because it is entirely consistent with the principles and the practice of Personal Command Capital, Inc.: growing wealth consistently and predictably, and freeing peoples’ finances from the banking industry.

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“I’ve used the Bank On Yourself method since 2004 and now have six policies. We’ve used them to finance our RV, home renovations, vacations and unexpected expenses. In the process, we’re growing wealth safely and securely for retirement that we can access when and how we want – no taxes due on it.”

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Statement by the senior editor of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

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