Why Us

Why work with Personal Command Capital, Inc.?

Personal Command Capital, Inc. is the right firm and the right discipline for you if you want to:

  • Change from disappointment to satisfaction in how your assets grow.
  • Understand principles of wealth creation not taught by the kind of conventional financial thinking that has produced the “go nowhere” outcomes most people experience today.
  • Preserve and recover cash you are losing to banks and to taxes.
  • Grow wealth consistently and predictably, year in and year out.

Personal Command Capital, Inc. will zero in on five areas with you:

I.  Analysis: We start with understanding your entire situation, your goals and your dreams.

II.  Education: We help you begin your learning process about important principles of money and banking you may not be aware of or know how to take advantage of.

III.  Illustration: We develop a model plan for your unique situation for you to consider, ask questions about, and evaluate in terms of:

  • How well does it achieve your goals?
  • How will it save you money and recover future expenses that are currently being lost to the finance industry?
  • How may it protect you from future levels of taxation?
  • What kind of liquidity does it provide you now and in the future?

IV.  Implementation

Once it is tailored for your needs and goals and is in operation, a Private Banking System can change your outlook and your experience of personal finance from one of worry to one of peace of mind. It requires no day-to-day vigilance on line, no anxious calls to your financial person when markets grow turbulent, and no need for furtive switching between fund sub-accounts.

V.  Periodic Reviews

Accounts are reviewed with our clients every six months using a rigorous review process aimed at improving results even further.